Focus Point of Sale

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Supercharge Your Business with Focus POS

Focus POS offers a by-need approach so you can build out exactly what you deem fit for your business. In need of a tabletop tablet and KDS solution to speed up your order processing? How about incorporating delivery without the headache of hiring more staff? Focus POS can do it all!



Why Focus POS is the Right Choice for Your Business

Focus POS has a long history of helping businesses succeed. Focus POS includes industry-leading features that enable your staff to deliver excellent customer service and dining experiences. In addition, Focus POS’s reliable software increases efficiency with a suite of seamlessly integrated products that allow you to optimize all areas of your business.

Focus POS also backs its solutions with technical and customer support that ensure your system always provides maximum value to your restaurant.



Focus Restaurant POS Features

  • Sales data that helps you identify trends, adapt menus, and change pricing as needed
  • Integration with accounting to simplify tax forms, profit and loss statements and other vital documents
  • PCI-compliant solutions and enhanced controls that minimize the risks of employee theft and fraud
  • Labor management features such as time clock functionality and scheduling
  • Cloud-based management and reporting that enables anytime, anywhere access to data and administrative capabilities.