Bob chinns premium beverage

Bob chinns world famous Our products are available in a 1 Liter Tetra Pak Prisma carton as well as a 1.75 liter PET Plastic bottle. Both types of packaging that we use here at Bob Chinn’s Premium Beverage are 100% recyclable. Reducing the impact that our actions have on the ever-changing environment is very important to us and altering the means in which we consume our beverages is a great place to start.

Our 1 Liter Tetra Pak Prisma containers are comprised of mainly of paper. By using a renewable resource such as paper, we cut back on the production of synthetic materials and utilize resources that naturally replenish themselves over time. The Prisma’s unique shape allows a high product to package ratio in addition to being space efficient for delivery trucks and store shelves. In fact, 40-50% fewer trucks are needed to deliver the same amount of 1 Liter Tetra Pak containers than a traditional 750ml glass bottle. Tetra Pak cartons also use 54% less energy, create 80% less greenhouse gasses, produce 60% less solid waste volume and have a 92% less package weight than glass bottles. This is a phenomenal decrease in our carbon footprint.

The 1.75 liter bottles are made of PET or polyethylene terepthalate. This type of plastic is considered to be the most recyclable and commonly used for in the beverage industry for their strength and thermo- stability. Just like the Tetra Pak, PET plastic bottles are significantly lighter than glass bottles and therefore consume less fuel costs in their delivery routes. Recycled PET can be used to make many new products, including fiber for polyester carpet, fabric for T-shirts and sweaters, athletic shoes, luggage, upholstery ,fiberfill for sleeping bags and winter coats; industrial strapping, sheet and film; automotive parts, such as luggage racks, headliners, fuse boxes, bumpers, grilles and door panels. As you can see, we are dedicated to not only bringing you the best possible drinks, but that they get to you in the most ecologically efficient way!