Bob chinns premium beverage

Bob chinns world famous Bob Chinn’s Premium Beverage strives to blend the best quality
juices with premium distilled spirits to create the ultimate cocktail. We
are constantly searching worldwide for the finest products- which has led us
to Asia, South America, the Hawaiian Islands and the Southern States. Our recipe is
simple, but our ingredients are superior and that makes all the difference!

Unlike most ready-to-drink libations, Bob Chinn’s Premium Beverages are made with REAL
fruit juices. The only added flavor we use is Grenadine, which is a commonly used product to
supplement the color and taste of cocktails.

The origin of the Mai Tai is uncertain. Some say that it was created in Hollywood during the
1930’s by Don the Beachcomber; others will argue that in 1944, Trader Vic first blended the
drink in Oakland, California. But whoever invented the cocktail, wherever it was made, whenever it was first tasted;
those details don’t matter… The important thing is who perfected it.

It was love at first sight for Bob Chinn. Hawai’i was a world of natural beauty, inviting waters, friendly people and tropical weather. The Pacific Ocean created a dream-like separation between him and the demands of Chicago business life. Bob made frequent visits to the islands, craving more and more of the native culture. From the food to the atmosphere to the warm disposition of the people- Bob wanted to bring this unique place back home with him.

Being in the restaurant business practically all his life, Bob started a catering company that specialized in Hawaiian Luaus. Weekend after weekend, year after year, he would turn simple North Shore Chicago homes into tropical island getaways. With delicious pupus (appetizers), hula dancers, live Hawaiian music and his perfected “Mai Tai,” Bob Chinn gave people a taste of the good life – all within
their own backyard.

Demands for his distinct fare and exotic concoctions became so great, that in December of 1982, Bob and his daughter Marilyn opened Bob Chinn’s Crab House in Wheeling, Illinois. Now ranked the largest grossing independently owned restaurant in Illinois and 15th in the nation, Bob Chinn’s Crab House is still a family operated business. And that little drink now known as Bob Chinn’s World Famous Mai Tai is responsible for over one million of the 20 million dollars in sales that the restaurant generates each year.

We at Bob Chinn’s Premium Beverage are delighted to bring this enchanting elixir, comprised of fruit juices, grenadine and premium Maui Dark Rum to your local bars, restaurants, concert venues, sports arenas and retail outlets!