Bob chinns premium beverage

Bob chinns world famous In Tahitian, the word Maita'i means “good.” In the language of Bob Chinn’s Premium Beverage, the word Mai Tai means “perfection.” We like to think of our Bob Chinn’s World Famous Mai Tai as a great escape to paradise. One sip and you’re off on a tropical retreat with the sand beneath your toes and the sunshine on your face. Allow our Mai Tai to take you away from it all – the office, the traffic, the kids, the stress- and revel in the spirit of Aloha.

Aside from real fruit juices, we use Maui Dark Rum in our Mai Tai recipe. The islands of Hawai’i have been home to the sugarcane crop since the 1700’s. With the tropical climate, mineral-rich volcanic soil and diverse topography, Maui is the perfect place for year-round sugarcane harvest. Rum is made from sugarcane by-products such as molasses and sugarcane juice which are fermented, distilled and aged. Maui Dark Rum is hand-crafted at a small distillery located on the legendary Haleakala Ranch. Haleakala Ranch was established in 1888 in Makawao, Hawaii and is comprised of over 30,000 acres of land on the incredible slopes of Haleakala volcano. Maui Dark Rum was the winner of the Gold Medal at the International Rum Festival in Ybor City, Florida in 2009 and the Silver Medal recipient in 2008.

Maui Dark Rum is unique in taste, as it has a much stronger flavor than both light and gold rum. There are aromas of spices, strong molasses and caramel overtones in addition to the essences of cocoa, vanilla, coffee and oak. We have chosen to work with Haleakala Distillers, the creators of Maui Dark not only for their exceptional product but their dedication to the sustainability of the Hawaiian Islands.

At Bob Chinn’s Premium Beverage, we feel that it is our duty to provide our customers with honest and authentic drinks. So, raise a Mai Tai and let’s toast to you!